Valerie Hall

Hospital Manager

Valerie was born and raised on a large farm in central Alberta where she learned the value of a tenacious work ethic, honesty, ingenuity, and loyalty. Her home was the birthplace of her love and passion for animal care. 

Valerie has been leading teams and managing patient success in the orthodontic profession for over 15 years. She is new to the vet industry and is excited to make a difference in Airdrie’s community, one pet’s life at a time. Valerie is at the heart of helping our team practice gold standard medicine so that we’re a trusted cornerstone of our community!

Valerie, along with her husband and two daughters have a Cavalier King Charles puppy named Rocket that they all adore and is the love of their life. Valerie believes in people and dedicates a large portion of her time to 4-H, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth. 

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